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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Exactly Is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a primary health care profession, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions caused by mechanical dysfunction of joints, muscles and nerves. In plain English, that means finding out what’s wrong, treating the relevant joints and muscles to relieve pain and get you feeling better. We will also recommend specific exercises, posture correction, ergonomic advice and dietary changes to maximize your chances of getting well and keeping healthy.

Will you be able to explain exactly what’s wrong with me?

Yes – and we’ll show you models and pictures to makes things clear.

How Much Does It Cost?

Bearing in mind the results, chiropractic treatment costs far less than you’d think! Our prices are amongst the lowest in Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire & Warwickshire. We aim to keep them as low as possible so as to help as many people as possible!
Please see our Prices Page for Full Details and any Special Offers.
Payment can be made by Cash, Debit / Credit Card.
*Note: Further reductions on treatment prices are available if paying for a block of 6 or 10 treatment sessions in advance. Please contact us on 01530 811555 for more details.

Do I Need To Be Referred By My GP?

No, as we are Primary Contact health professionals – just like dentists or opticians. Local GP's frequently recommend us to their patients, and we also treat local GP's as patients.
While we welcome their referral, you don’t need a medical referral from your GP to make an appointment. We are more than happy to work in concert with GP's and will contact them if the patient requests, or is relevant to their case.

What Actually Happens During The First Consultation & Examination?

We will start by asking you lots of questions about the areas of your spine/body that are aching/painful etc. After checking your medical history, we’ll carry out a full physical examination. This involves checking your joints, muscles and nerves to see precisely what is causing the trouble.
Once the sources of dysfunction are identified, we will explain to you in simple easy to understand terms what’s going on, what we’re going to do to get it better, and what treatment entails.
Providing you're a good candidate for chiropractic treatment, we can then get started in getting you back on track and feeling better! The treatment that follows will be geared to your specific needs.

How Much Treatment Will I Need?

The amount of treatment required varies from one patient to the next and the nature/type of condition. Generally speaking, the amount of treatment you need depends on how long you’ve had the problem, how severe it is, and how good you are at following the advice we give you!
Treatment plans are always tailored to each individual's case.

Do I Need X-Rays or MRI scan?

The decision on whether or not X-rays or MRI Scan are necessary, is made after the Chiropractor has taken a full case history and examined the patient thoroughly.
The decision will depend on several factors, including whether the information yielded by an X-ray justifies exposing the patient to the radiation involved in taking it, and the clinical benefit from that information.
We have access to x-rays locally and to MRI scans at a very competitive price, and are only used if necessary for your case/condition. See our prices page for X-ray and MRI prices.

Does It Hurt?

Generally Chiropractic treatment does not hurt, although in the early stages of treatment there may be some short term discomfort which quickly passes for most patients. Most patients come to us as they’re in pain already, and generally treatment will be no more uncomfortable than the pain you’re already suffering.
Usually, follow up treatments become much more pleasant as symptoms improve and mobility increases. Nearly all of our patients find their treatment a good experience – something to look forward to!

Is Chiropractic A Genuine Health-Care Profession?

Yes. It takes several years of full-time university studying anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, radiology, radiography, neurology and the hands-on practicalities of chiropractic technique, to qualify as a chiropractor. All chiropractors have to re-register on an annual basis.

Are There Some Things Chiropractic Can’t Help With?

Yes. In the event we note pathological findings during your examination, we will refer you to your GP, or a suitable specialist to get the problem seen to & sorted.

Can Anyone Call Themselves A Chiropractor?

No! The title of Chiropractor is protected by law. Only practitioners registered with the GCC can use the title of Chiropractor. It is illegal for anyone else to do so. The GCC regulates the profession and was established as a result of the Chiropractors Act 1994. Regulation ensures that chiropractors have undertaken approved training to qualify as a chiropractor and also that they continue to update their knowledge and skills by attending seminars, practical workshops, conferences etc each year. Registration is reviewed annually by the GCC.

What Is The British Chiropractic Association (BCA)?

Both David Evans and Archna Shah are also full members of the British Chiropractic Association. The BCA was formed in 1925, and has maintained a register of members, all of whom have graduated from accredited recognised chiropractic colleges. These members must subscribe to the code of ethics, rules and by-laws laid down by the Association.

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